Norbergfestival is a 25-year running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden. The 2024 edition runs from July 4–6. Get your tickets here.

About Norbergfestival 2024

Norbergfestival is a 25-year-running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden.

Nestled in the former mining town of Norberg, Sweden, Norbergfestival stands as a testament to experimental artistic works, transforming the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven during three days in July. The carefully curated lineup allows for a wide range of experimental music genres, sound, performing and visual arts to merge, and performances with international artists to stand alongside local acts.

By the late 1950's, Norberg's Mimerlaven became the centerpiece as the largest ore extraction facility in the region. Reaching 64 metres above ground and stretching far beneath, it was the connecting node for an entire industrial sector, now an annual sanctuary for sound art - offering a unique reverberating space. Existing side-by side with Mimerlaven is the club-oriented programme with live and DJ acts at the former power station Kraftcentralen and faster paced genre-amalgated dance music at the outdoor 303 stage.

Volunteering at the festival

photo of volunteers
Photo: Abby Quick

Norbergfestival is mostly organised and made possible through volunteers. Core to our identity is the volunteer community that forms every year around the making of the festival. Behind Norbergfestival is the non-profit volunteer association Anrikningsverket. We are open to any members who share our values of non-commercial volunteer culture and the creation of a community founded on shared purpose to benefit contemporary music and art. We welcome all festival volunteers to also become members of Anrikningsverket and there are opportunities to join our work all year long, part of the year, or, during the festival week.

This year, and as part of our 25 years anniversary, our aim is to refocus and recenter on our volunteer community, including a reflection on how to increase sustainability and safety. The sharing of knowledge is encouraged throughout the festival week - including sound and light technology workshops, and this year also on construction and safety.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far. We received many applications and both the volunteer list and the waiting list are currently full.

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