Norbergfestival is a 24-year running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden. The 2023 edition runs from July 6–8.

About Norbergfestival 2023

Norbergfestival is a 24-year-running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Norberg, Sweden, Norbergfestival stands as a testament to creative expression, transforming the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven into a thriving hub of artistic diversity during three days in July.

The former industrial site of Mimerlaven, once an emblem of Sweden's industrial heritage, has been breathing new life as a sanctuary for artistic exploration since the late 90s. This year, a vibrant tapestry of avant-garde percussive music, techno infused with African polyrhythms, feminist black metal, fast-paced DJ sets, noise rock, and more, converge to form an electrifying blend of genres. The carefully curated lineup allows for boundary-pushing dance music, sound, performing and visual arts to collide.

Our visual arts program showcases a mix of exhibitions, transforming the very fabric of Norberg itself. Ordinary spaces, now transformed into exhibition sites, offer a remarkable backdrop for a diverse array of artistic works.

At the heart of Norbergfestival beats a dedicated community of volunteers. Together, they weave the fabric of our festival, rooted in the spirit of DIY striving to create a safer space for our diverse community with people of different backgrounds, identities, and experiences while constantly embracing the culture of learning, respect, inclusion.

Volunteering at the festival

Photo: Sebastian Åhman

Norbergfestival is made possible by a fantastic volunteer team, many returning each year. Collectively, we produce a lot of what makes the festival great on a volunteer basis. This includes curating and booking the festival program, which is done by a big group of over 10 people, creating stage decorations and lighting panels by hand or through self-programming, and constructing the festival area in the week leading up to the event.

We're incredibly grateful for everyone's hard work, and we want to make sure that every volunteer has the best possible experience. We're particularly interested in providing access to knowledge in sound technology, lighting, and construction to people who wouldn't normally have the chance to learn about these areas. We also encourage sharing knowledge between volunteers.

We currently have volunteer opportunities available for media and photography work, artist care, coordinating festival build-up and takedown, working with festival infrastructure, assisting with the coordination of bar and food areas, and more. If you're interested in volunteering, please sign up and read more here.

Mimerlaven in Norberg

Photo of Mimerlaven in Norberg
Photo: Sade Kasiri

For almost a millennia, Swedes have mined in the central region of Bergslagen. The oldest known mine structures can be found in Norberg. By the late 1950's, Norberg's Mimerlaven became the centerpiece as the largest ore extraction facility in the region. Reaching 64 metres above ground and stretching far beneath, it was the connecting node for an entire industrial sector.

Operations ceased in 1981. Since then the facilities have remained almost completely unaltered. In awe of its spectacular aesthetic capacities, it remains the attraction and motivation for a two-decade, non-profit festival organisation, in search of sublime experiences in sound and milieu.