Norbergfestival has an awareness team. We are your peers, we are ravers like you, and we are here to support you if you experience or witness discrimination, violence or harassment of any kind, feel unwell, or just need to talk!

Find us in our ‘Braver Space’ pastel vests on-site, or reach us via phone around the clock: +46737853024

We have set up a Care-tent for people needing a calm space to recover and unwind. We have earplugs, condoms, beds and tea there.

Right next to us is the First Aid tent, where you can seek help with minor injuries. 

Our thoughtfully crafted community guidelines aim to prioritize the safety of minorities and promote fun for all.

Drink plenty of water, eat, rest and honor your boundaries, to get the most out of the festival experience!

** With care, the awareness team **<3