Anrikningsverket Journal

Anrikningsverket Journal #1, July 2019: Convulsion (mobile-friendly .pdf, 11,5 MB)

In celebration of the 20 years of Norbergfestival, Anrikningsverket publishes the first issue of Anrikningsverket Journal, with special focus on the festival’s legacies, difficulties and potentials. As a monument in words it includes contributions by Daniel M Karlsson, Em Silén, Sara Fors, Florian Cramer, Olia Sosnovskaya, Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie. Editors of the issue are Frida Sandström, Marcus Mohall and Gustav Johannes Hoder.

This first issue of Anrikningsverket Journal is published with the hope to return in new shapes and with altering directions, mirroring and equally critically examining the ever changing public sphere that live music and arts inherently intervene with. Live action has always appeared to contest and disrupt public formalities and restrictions, while their longstanding traces often sediment from within the aesthetic encounter, restricted by time and space. How to preserve such a moment, and how to make the resonating experience reach beyond the most often exclusive site of appearance? 

While there are journals on art and music theory and critique, we lack editorial platforms for practice-based conversations, examinations and future learning from within the field of music and arts in praxis. After twenty years of non-profit, collective endeavors, Norbergfestival proves to harbor the else disappearing knowledge in cultural production that only grows from shared resources between geographies, fields and desires. With Anrikningsverket Journal, we insist on making this history public. Thus, we publish. Entitling this issue “Convulsion”, we wish to catalyse the muscular tension that is required to shake the social into new shapes and spaces for artistic action.