Billy Bultheel is a Berlin and Brussels-based composer and performance-maker with a classical conservatory background and academic studies in the performing arts. His unique approach to composition incorporates performance, architecture, and narrative as musical parameters, alongside harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Blending heavy electronics with medieval and baroque polyphony, his works include notable pieces such as 'Unter' (Schinkel Pavillon, 2021) in collaboration with sculptor Tanya Viviana Abelson, 'Athens Song I-IV' (Athens Biennial 2021), 'Songs for the Contract' (folia.app 2021), 'The Minutes of Olomouc' (PAF, Olomouc, 2020), 'When Doves Cry' (Disappearing Berlin Series, 2019), and 'Spat from My Mouth, a piano concerto' at KW (Berlin, 2019).

Alexander Iezzi is an artist and musician based in Berlin. His practice revolves around transforming materials into surreal scenes, figures, sound, and moving images. Beginning with auditory and visual environments, Iezzi improvises and experiments, later reshaping them into artworks. His diverse mediums span sculptural installations, video, radio, and live performance. lezzi has exhibited solo and alongside other artists at renowned venues such as KW, Berlin; MoMA, New York; Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam; Galerija Močvara, Zagreb; and Halle Für Kunst Steiermark, Graz. Through his work, he challenges conventional perceptions in psychology, identity, and politics, using collected materials, sounds, music. 

Their collaborative project 33 encompasses performance art, music, and installation, aiming to explore and develop meaningful connections between these disciplines. Their distinct backgrounds, with Bultheel's conservatory training and Iezzi's involvement in DIY punk and experimental music scenes thrives on a blend of influences.

In their upcoming "33PLUGGED" concerts, Bultheel and Iezzi will be joined by cellist Patrick Belaga, as well as vocalists Ivan Cheng and Steve Katona.


Photo: Joseph Kadow