Part noise artist; part living, writhing, screaming sculpture, AJA’s performances are brutally confrontational and dreamily transcendent in equal measure. The Nottingham-based artist, whose self-titled debut was released on Opal Tapes in 2018, weaves beguiling visuals, stunningly strange costumes (co-created with Berlin-based designer Lu La Loop) and unabashed, improvised barrages of sound to create something beautiful and cathartic—both for her and us, her audience.

Her live shows are described in The WIRE Magazine as “Shifting from ethereal diffusions to potent explosions." With 3 successful UK and European tours, selling out multiple shows and headlining major festivals such as CTM, Sonic Acts and Supersonic, the new live performances reveal a new, vulnerable transformation of the performer; shedding make-up and costumes and bringing a brand-new digital collaboration in the form of new visuals to the live shows in 2022.

AJA’s latest album “SLUG” was released on Opal Tapes in October 2021 and explored themes of warped beauty, oozing translucency and distortions. The project received funding from Outlands, Fat Out and Near Now which produced digital collaborations with artists BORA and LULALOOP to create a virtual avatar, and costumes which were turned into live visuals and a music video.