algovoice is a concert program taking place at Norbergfestival - and previously in May at Fylkingen in Stockholm and Inkonst in Malmö - exploring the intersection between voice and algorithmic composition in the context of contemporary experimental electronic music.

For algovoice eight Swedish and international artists are brought together and will present works created with the help of AI and machine learning or through innovative use of classical voice and singing techniques.

The voice is probably the oldest form of human musical expression while algorithmic computer composition is the latest. In the meeting between these two ways of creating music, questions about how biology and low-tech relate to the artificial and high-tech are reflected. In contemporary electronic music, voice has become an increasingly common expression, a means of adding personal colour and humanity to an increasingly automated and laptop-based production flow. At the same time, it has also become more common for artists to rely on automated workflows by creating algorithms and artificial agents that can be unleashed creatively. Here the use of algorithmic programming techniques instead becomes liberating and a means of challenging the prevailing hierarchical norms in how the composer’s role in the creative process is viewed. How we respond to the tension between flesh and silicone is essential to our future – what kind of cyborgs do we want to become?

algovoice at Norbergfestival presents Charmaine Lee, Daniel M Karlsson, Feronia Wennborg & Martyna Basta.

algovoice is presented with support from the Swedish Arts Council and in collaboration with Fylkingen - New Music and Intermedia Art.