Ana Fosca

The steady ascent of Ana Fosca, the moniker of Copenhagen’s Linn Hvid, is unmistakable in its rousing articulation of experimental music’s most visceral and noisy frontiers.

At once salient and meditative, the intensity of Ana Fosca remains sublime in structure. The urgency and shock of her compositions can transform and touch upon themes of sorrow and existential agitation. The terse intimacy of playing loud when playing live is balanced by Hvid’s keen desire to communicate with the audience.

Now a resident at Mayhem, Hvid’s debut album, SOMA, was released on the Russian label Nazlo Records in 2020 and received significant attention. It was selected by the Helen Scarsdale Agency as one of the best releases of the year and was acclaimed by the independent experimental music site Ukośnik. 2021 has already seen Ana Fosca performing at DNA Festival Kolonia Gdańsk and Perfect Sounds Forever Festival supporting Brutus. In July, she will perform at Norbergfestival.