ASIAN DOPE BOYS present PHYSISPerformance

Seeking the outermost edge of existence, Physis emerges as a series of encounters among lights, sounds, colors, dust, consciousness, and entangled bodies. A 12-hour performative rave which could be seen as an assemblage of homo without sapiens, incipient lights of echoes, purple haze, elusive beats and metafictional anxieties. Chasing the dragon as the sun rises up. An other world within the process of its own eternal (re)making — the return of ASIANDOPEBOYS.

PHYSIS is a 12-hour durational performance taking place in Kraftcentralen at the heart of Norbergfestival. Featuring:
Tzianzhuo Chen
Khng Khan
Lea Djyl
Lavinia Vago
Ndoho Ange
Omid Tabari
Siko Setyanto
Ylva Falk
Dis Fig
Felix-Florian Tödtloff
¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U Kesuyo Tsumakiyu
+ special guest TBA

Tianzhuo Chen produces visual as well as performing arts. For his objects, performances and video works, he uses a colorful, grotesque and kitsch imagery, dominated by direct references to Asian spiritualism, LGBTIQ - iconographies, Butoh dance, Voguing and club culture, forging an intimate connection between the collapse of moral attitudes and beliefs that surround us. 

Enigmatic costumes, neon lights, and elaborate set designs hit the eyes of the spectator who is constantly forced to engage with new layers of meanings and iconographies, touching upon all kinds of issues from consumerism to transcendence. Tianzhuo Chen is interweaving precisely scripted stories, thoughts and political statements with ritualised happenings of self-empowerment related to contemporary club and counter culture. Chen’s live performances feature a cast of diverse characters who act out the excesses of the global pop culture his generation has grown up with, while also recognizing its inherent absurdity and emptiness. 

Production management by Partner in Crime Vienna