Ba Bladh

Ba Bladh is an artist based in Copenhagen, whose practice is mainly concerned with performance and installation.

With an attitude of WTF, ample google skills and an addiction to imaged based social media, Bladh creates narratives that breakdown chronological and progressive understandings of time; Appropriating meme language and internet aesthetics in multimedia installations, Bladh’s praxis challenges the (lucrative) trend of diagnosing/categorizing every neurological instant that doesn't adhere to ruling ideals of normalcy within the current contemporary system of tech-pornographic capitalism.

Bladh has exhibited and performed at Charlottenborg Kunsthal(DK), Skånes Konstförening(SE), Kalmar Konstmuseum, and Gallery Blunk(NO), among other institutions.

At Norberg, Ba Bladh will show a new performance, called Crush (2024).

A scripted rant based on the psychological experience of alienation and hypocrisy in our ramping digitalisation. An homage to all the losers, NPC's and freaks who fail online every time.

By and with Ba Bladh.

Costume design by Hannah Blitz Heyman.

Ba Bladh