Digge Shim, Agnese Menguzzato (Tingshusparken)

This year's festival will see the return of Tingshusparken as an off-site stage for festival visitors and town inhabitants alike to enjoy an early afternoon program of two concerts. On the Saturday, Tingshusparken will host live performances by Digge Shim (aka Dip Shim) and Agnese Menguzzato (also playing in Mimerlaven) for a meditative and cathartic journey, perfect after a long festival night.

The concerts are open to the public and free of charge.

Digge Shim

The Spanish-born producer Digge Shim, aka Dip Shim, relocated to Malmö some years back and found his calling in the reincarnation of electro through his relentless output of acid-flavored 303 jams. As Digge Shim, his work is focused on medieval-ambient inspired by Gregorian chants, leftfield experiments and downtempo, all of which takes forefront for this live set that will trip your mind out into an unexpected religious journey.

Digge Shim will also perform as Dip Shim at 303 on Thursday.

Agnese Menguzzato

Agnese Menguzzato is an Italian composer and musician based in Berlin. Trained in both violin and the Renaissance lute, she then studied sound engineering in Napoli. Drawing on historical and contemporary technologies, Menguzzato’s practice intertwines past and current techniques to explore the sonic prospects of the present, often employing the auditory potential of the lute. Her musical expression is deeply rooted in her childhood imagery and in confrontation with nature, from which every human sentiment flows. Having lived between Trentino Alps and Emilia-Romagna Apennines, she’s driven towards the construction of emotive soundscapes gathered from the material and digital worlds.

Agnese Menguzzato will also perform in Mimerlaven the same day.

Digge Shim, Agnese Menguzzato (Tingshusparken)

Photo: Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard