EliEli ~ Forever flow of wet long fingers at least some millions touching the lights of one another (love u like e.t)

Leaning out. At some point we could not stand on our own anymore. We got so used to these extensions in our bodies, these connections. Connecting sacred motherships, invisible strings attaching us, strangers, lovers. Only seen sometimes, early early in the crispy morning light- stretching across vast landscapes we are melting like icebergs, affecting land across latitudes and spanning apparently disconnected geographies.

Threads stretch out over landscapes, over mountains, over seas. Stretching between us, between melting ice blocks at the North Pole and the flooded archipelagos at the equator. The threads tremble, rub, tangle.

This performance uses as its starting point an electroacoustic string instrument between two dancers as a catalyst for movement and relationship, It is a choreographic exploration on the entanglement of sound. Through this is woven an interconnected story of vulnerability and responsibility, of entanglement and quantum entanglement.

By and with EliEli
Performed together with Linnea Sundling
Live sounddesign: Brenda El Rayes
Instrument-building support: Yuri Landman
Dramaturgy and advice:

elieli is a choreographer and multi-disciplinary artist who navigates through a field of philosophies on relationships, entanglement, as well as ideas about unrooted and nomadic practices. Eli works with scores of mapping and listening to subtle changes/shifts of bodies; Bodies in landscapes, in materials, in beings. Bodies in power and identity. How one thing is never disconnected from another and how we "change everything we touch, and everything we change, changes us" (Octavia Butler). In 2019, Eli graduated in choreography from SNDO (School for New Dance Development – Amsterdam University of Arts). Eli is an active artist at Skogen, Glada Sprutan kollektivet, and Fylkingen in Stockholm, among other places.

Brenda El Rayes is a composer, sound designer, and DJ with a degree from the Royal College of Music. She creates sound based on her emotions and experiences. Everyone has a sonic language, and Brenda tries to find hers, deeply rooted in Orthodox Church Arabic music mixed with her Western musical impulses.

Linnéa Sundling is educated at the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm and has since 2010 worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in various constellations and projects in the performing arts field. Linnéa is interested in interpersonal encounters, movement, communication, the relationship with nature and the body's ability to heal. Listening and being inspires.