Iceboy Violet

Iceboy Violet  is an MC, Producer and Performer who aims to chip away at the ice, revealing the beauty at the core through exploring themes of vulnerability, shame & connectedness using their voice and body as the medium. In 2022 they released their debut mixtape The Vanity Project: seven vocal tracks from one of Manchester's most exciting emergent voices on hometown label 2 B REAL. 

The project showcases collaborations between Iceboy Violet and a slew of their contemporaries - an impressive cross-section of the North's creative landscape and the cutting edge of dance and electronica, including Space Afrika, Emily Glass, Jennifer Walton, Slikback & Nick Leon, Mun Sing, Blackhaine, Daemon & Orlandor, Exploited Body & aya, under her LOFT alias. Iceboy Violet oscillates between the moody and the sublime, drawing from a rich tradition of club MC forms and a rich, dreamy sense of lyricism.