Hamilton & Pedersen
Visual arts

Hamilton & Pedersen is an artist duo consisting of Henning Hamilton (born in 1987, Gothenburg) and Linda Pedersen (born in 1987, Gothenburg). They live and work in Falerum, a small rural town in the Swedish countryside.

In 2020, they made their first show together at Arsenalsgatan 3 in Stockholm. Working as a duo became a new creative experience for both of them but had evolved naturally through time. They turned to study the world and the place of man in it, mythologies that carry allegories and metaphors that speak about the thoughts and feelings involving our existence. Mainly working with tree logs, old wooden furniture, scrap, and metal, they use wood carving techniques and assemblage, puzzling together their thoughts and materials into figurative sculptures, later placed in installations.

My Melody at Gallery Norberg will be the duo's second solo show. The show consists of three main works under the titles: My House, My stage, My trap. The exhibition is part of the Norbergfestival visual arts program 2022. During the evening the festival’s exhibitions at Torggatan 2 with Helena Tan, and Engelbrektsgatan 69 with works by coyote will keep open as well.

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council and the Region of Västmanland.