Linus HillborgPerformance

Linus Hillborg is a Stockholm-based composer and musician who has produced works in various fields, ranging from experimental musics and audio-visual works to post-punk and pop collaborative productions. He released his first solo-album ‘Ido’ under his Atonet moniker last year and runs the Moloton imprint together with Marlena Lampinen.

For Norbergfestival 2019 he presents an expanded version of the interactive composition ‘Orphan Works’, in which generative sound and musical content is controlled by sentient interaction, through an abandoned computer game engine and its inherent logic. The game world explores a subliminal image of Stockholm gone through drastic change, and its implications for community as a larger organism as well as the raw, inner emotional workings of individuals. The game engine was originally created by now-defunct Teminal Reality in 1996 and has been modified and reworked with textures, models and sounds made by the artist. It can be experienced by up to four people with headphones and one person on the controls.