Lisa Janbell - SWEET & STICKY

Honey, let SWEET & STICKY sweeten your lips, wet your skin, then move you slow and fast into the underworld. The four dancers will move in slow flow, where freshwater slips through their veins in symbiosis with Jessie Granqvists techno landscape. SWEET & STICKY is a dance, a ritual and a state that seductively licks your wounds and vulnerabilities, where performers and audiences enter a site of pleasure together, through tension and seduction. Like buds on trees in the spring, they open their fertile wishes to the singing of larks, into a dance that will move through and with spaces. 

Duration:  30 minutes.


Choreography, concept & artistic direction: Lisa Janbell

Co creating dancers: Ama Kyei, Cecilia Rehde, Marie Mazer, Rebecca Livaniou,

Music (live): Jessie Granqvist

Costume: Anita Falk

Light design: Lisa Janbell

Artistic advice: Karina Sarkissova

Lisa Janbell is a Stockholm-based dancer and choreographer. Her practice and choreographic work is specialized in ritualistic performance and ceremonial practices. With an education in Cuban folkdance, el Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba and a dance education from Brazil as well as anthropology studies at Stockholm University her research lies in the relationship between the collective body and the subconscious mind, tuning into spirits and spirituality. The work is developed through proposals, with the aim of sharing and finding an opening to the transcendental. Through a feministic and intersectional perspective, elevating emotional work and soft values Lisa guides the audience into a caring space in which performers embody non-western witchcraft practices.This artistic strategy is manifested in warm and welcoming spaces where the audience can rest and recover while experiencing detailed textures and carefully elaborated danceworks.

Lisa’s desire is to propose collective utopias as a form of critical practice has so far manifested in works such as Trans[e]ición (2015), Trans[e]ición club edition (2016) Studio Barnhus A/V show (2018) KONTAKT (2020) Lead us (2021) SEARCH (2022).

Since 2010 and 2012 respectively, Lisa has been part of the performance duo Dos Oké in collaboration with Camilla Sivam, as well as artistic director of the Swedish-Cuban dance collective SOMOS.

Lisa’s work has toured extensively through Sweden, Europe and Cuba. Lisa has also developed commissioned works, for instance as choreographer for the Studio Barnhus A/V show that played at Sonár (Barcelona) Way Out West (Gothenburg) and Cirkus (Stockholm).