Lisen Pousette & Olivia Rivière: Ever-n-ever losing

Coming from a necessity to explore different states of loss and what it is to be losing, Lisen Pousette and Olivia Rivière’s duet work through growling, an aggressive vocal technique used in extremer metal music. They free themselves from the aesthetic clichés and masculine codifications associated with it, tying their growls to a dance that unites their bodies in gestures of complicity and affection. The choreography is punctuated by pauses in silence and the suspension of all movement, welcoming the echo of their voices as much as the trace of ephemeral passage in space. This is a version of the full length piece Ever losing (2019), made specifically for Norbergfestivalen.

Lisen Pousette and Olivia Rivière are Swedish dance artists based between Stockholm and Copenhagen working together since 2016. Their work is a choreographic unfolding of alternative vocal-techniques and a continuous exploration of the sonorous body.


By and with Lisen Pousette & Olivia Rivière

Music: Karis Zidore

Sound engineer: Kristian Alexander

Costumes: Lisen Pousette & Olivia Rivière

Photo: Sophie Bäärnhielm Pousette