Loraine James

Loraine James grew up in north London, drawn into music through her mother's eclectic love thereof, and the multiculturalism of her city. It shows bright today, in her voracious curiosity and exciting, peerless approach to music-making. 

Her exposure to jazz, electronica, UK drill and grime, reassembled through intuitive skills and an intimate, almost diaristic style can be heard on the colourful mix-up of her Hyperdub debut album ‘For You And I’. It was well-received upon release in 2019, garnering album of the year in both DJ Mag and Quietus. A busy live schedule headlining and supporting acts such as Telefon Tel Aviv, Jessy Lanza and Holly Herndon followed.

Since then, she’s brought self-released EPs, a steady flow of remixes and a monthly show on NTS radio along with both an EP and sophomore album for Hyperdub. ‘Reflection’, of the pandemic year 2020, is a turbulent expression of inner space, laid out in unflinching honesty, offering gentle empathy and bitter-sweet hope. Pared-down and confident, James here leans further into pop, taking the listener through a tumultuous year for a young, Black queer woman and her acolytes in a world that suddenly stopped moving.