Matilda Tjäder: Clones

Matilda Tjäder is an artist building fictional worlds via text, sound, performance and moving image. In her work she develops experimental environments where the familiar interfaces with the unknown, the individual with the collective, and memories with the absence of sentience. By plugging into existing infrastructures she takes great pleasure in revising invisible protocols and designs via storytelling, ambient installations and scenarios that verge on the absurd. 

At Norbergfestival, she will present an iteration of her album “Clones”, released April, 2022 – a sonic fiction in twenty chapters/tracks that tells the story of a never-ending winter from the perspective of a narrator and her experience of dreaming in multiple states. In the absence of shifting seasons, dreaming becomes the primary state of transformation.

Set design: Asta Lynge
Flute: Angelina Petrovic