Medulasa is a project of Bunny Intonamorous, a nonbinary digital composer and sound engineer based in Manchester, UK. Medulasa’s music incorporates hardcore, noise, trance, power ambient, deconstructed club and nu-metal, a sadly toxic mix that appears to be killing the artist. Initiated in 2014, the project aimed for nothing less than an expression of pure maximality on the dancefloor. 

Obsessed with figuring out how music works as a teen, they studied avant-garde classical music composition for five years until realising that digital tools allowed for exploring a much vaster realm of sonic territories. Intonamorous' work has explored gender dysphoria, PTSD, cyborg/queer theory, grief, the hardcore continuum, and a critical re-examination of nu-metal. For their debut album, Medusa is now examining the relationship between extreme club music and metal, and working on the debut EP for their power ambient+gabber project, DJ Netflex.