BunkerBauer & Flat Rat present: Øresund Shitshow 

Divided by Øresund we had been looking across the water, thinking that there had to be a better world on the other side. Turned out there was and we have been united through the graceful sound of electricity since then, diving deep together into naive complexity and dark bright light. As a celebration of the friendships and the music that has followed we present Øresund Shitshow.

From the spores underneath the Malmö city freaktown emerges a funky fungus best translated into Swenglish as Mögela. With a vast and vivid fantasy world living inside her mind since being a kid, she has always tried to find new ways to express what she sees to everyone else.

Since a few years ago Mögela has been creating musical stories in the form of DJ performances at local parties in the sewers and basements of Malmö, sometimes for many consecutive hours. She is also known to have written some incredibly weird and equally beautiful pieces of music of her own that have had many freaks in tears on the dancefloor.

When childlike wonder, melancholy, arousal and a bit of sleep deprivation all collide, no eye is left dry.