Petronn Sphene

Queer futurist noise-act Petronn Sphene is the singular manifestation of punk cyborg convulsing body music known as “No Wave Rave”. Deploying disrupted polyceleratrix rhythms via MPC1000 drum machine violence in symbiosis with icy, futuristic Korg synth flashes and alien femme fatale vokills, Petronn Sphene induces a deranged state of hyper-mobile xenofeminist hysteria recalling acid flashbacks from speedcore parties and trans dyke abduction on the dancefloor. In 2019 she released her demo "A Damsel Causing Distress", followed by "Exit The Species" in spring 2022 and another "Systems of Sapphic Asymmetry" forthcoming in late 2022.

She has collaborated with Limpe Fuchs, Rian Treanor, Mark Fell and Jim O' Rourke for the "Symmetry in Fives" piece for CTM Online 2021. Petronn Sphene's compositions are generated using a set of principles called the Radical Queer Formula for Rhythm and Tonality which seeks to extract excitatory life force from the history of music. Step into the vortex!