PRICE work is characterised by elaborate soundscapes, costumes and stage design often developed in collaborative constellations. His productions play with the audience’s expectations of the exposed, ostensibly authentic self of the performer, who emotes before their eyes. They are interspersed with pop-cultural set pieces, mechanical sounds, rhythms and his own singing voice.

The voice forms a central element of his work. PRICE views it as an acoustic form of emotional communication outside language’s imperative to create meaning.

PRICE is interested in the conflicting relationship between socially normative categories, the realm of which is the (queer) self, the (queer) body. Misfit costumes reference a variety of other possible forms of wearing by different bodies; instances of stumbling and struggling sneak into PRICE’s work. For him, failure is always also part of a queer strategy: an indifference to assimilation, rigid identities and the demands on the self in digital capitalism. It is a second-degree failure that is always part of the presentation.

True Sentiments (sequences) 2021
Music by PRICE @pricepriceprice
Co-written by @cecilebelieve @tbiasmaria @merlinmodulaw @sebastianhirsig
Mixing: @cecilebelieve @tbiasmaria @merlinmodulaw
Guest guitarist @stoyan_de_lucia
Mastering: @fstader
Artwork and video by @retoschmidd