Prison Religion

The Richmond, Virginia duo Prison Religion consists of friends Parker Black and Warren Jones.

Their sound is a genuine reaction to the world around them: we are already in the apocalypse. Where once Prison Religion’s songs looked out to space, on their most recent album, Hard Industrial Bop, the pair have fallen back to earth, defecting against the laws of a war-torn planet, fighting against an impenetrable world order of known abusers and fear. This is manifested in the caustic wall of sound, heavy beats sounding like public gunshots, mumbled screams like breaking glass, thumping flourishes of techno or weighty drones. Like hard bop challenged established jazz back in the 1950s, their latest record is one that channels the exploratory nature of jazz, constantly subverting and up-ending where you think the duo’s music will take you at any given moment.

We're very exited to have Prison Religion performing at 303 for Norbergfestival 2024.