Norbergfestival Radio

Our on-site radio studio will be featuring a series of X-citing programmes throughout the entire festival, narrowcasting around the site. This year 2k22 we will hear fun fun radio dramas, interviews with artists of the festival, volunteers and the attending festival guests, a collaboration with mimers legendary 40 secs of pure reverb in our newly added show Reverbitation, as well as the return of the famous 8-minute bonanza, where absolutely anything can happen!

On Friday, Mälmo based community radio station Retreat Radio take over the airwaves for a day of experimental sounds featuring the likes of Himera and Lulu. Retreat Radio is an independent, non-commercial radio station and media platform broadcasting 24-7, with daily livestreams by residents and one-off contributors from Malmö, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond.  Aside from the radio, Retreat produces events in the form of clubs, raves and concerts.


Saturday 9th (1200-1900 CEST)

1200 - Continuity w/ Sand Circles (DJ Set)
1300 - Curating Norbergfestival
1330 - Samtal med Moonilena
1400 - Miiiiiiiimeeeeer
1430 - SØS Gunver Ryberg interview
1500 - Tianzhuo Chen interview
1530 - Sounds of Norberg
1550 - Train to Risbergs
1600 - Depth of Field
1630 - RiP ME (live)
1700 - DIY Toilet
1730 - 8 minute bonanza
1800 - GreenLuggAge
1830 - Goodbye from NFR