Sofie Birch

Weaving together improvisational use of electronic hardware, with a nurturing sense of harmonious curiosity, serene plateaus of sound patiently emerge from the musical practice of Sofie Birch.

With a profound interest in the healing nature of sound and vibrations, Birch’s music aims for the potential of opening channels to states of dream-like perception and alleviated presence. The ability to dissolve notions of temporal familiarity and gravitational orientation encapsulates the mind of the listener, allowing consciousness to branch out into an alchemical biosphere.

Sofie Birch works across disciplines with other artists on expanding our understanding of mind and body through art, and her latest release presents the music that was originally created

for the ASMR performance piece ‘Whisper Fold Brush’ in collaboration with SLØR Visual Performance / My Lambertsen. She is also engaged in creating compositions for installation works varying from award-winning VR experiences and animation films to multidisciplinary art and science projects, counting continuous collaborations with artist duo Baum & Leahy (UK) and animation director Pernille Kjaer (DK). Sofie Birch can also be heard as a DJ on Retreat Radio, MMH Radio, and Noods Radio, and in monthly residency at NTS Radio since 2021.