Patterns in SuperCollider with SuperClean w/ Daniel M Karlsson

Algorithmic Composition in Music-Making

Patterns in SuperCollider with SuperClean: Algorithmic Composition in Music-Making

is not your average SuperCollider workshop. Sign up here.

Get set up to have SuperCollider automagically boot with sensible defaults. Sequence your own samples in a CPU efficient way without all the hassle. Use the built in effect chain, synths and routing system to find your personal sound. Integrate best practices regarding safety into a workflow you know you can trust.

All of the above and more on day one. The workshop aims to get everyone over the initial threshold to a place where they are using SuperCollider with confidence and personal expressivity. Through its unique approach of focusing on the Patterns paradigm, and providing something truly expressive to sequence, the workshop offers unparalleled coherence and approachability.

Isn’t SuperCollider just for 1337 hax0rz and genius types? 

Regardless if this is your first or umpteenth time trying to get into SuperCollider, this workshop will let you hit the ground running and get something real done.

Why should I learn SuperCollider when I can do anything in my DAW of choice? 

Really though, can you? Throughout the workshop we will explore new approaches to making music and organizing sound in powerful and abstracted ways.

Through the use of algorithmic composition, defining musical outcomes using parameterization and generative design concepts, together we’ll uncover emergent behavior far beyond the confines of linearity. Countless infinities of variation to be constructed with ease from an elegant subset of a uniquely powerful language.

The workshop has a capacity of 8 people. It requires your own computer with MacOS, Windows or Linux to install and use the software. Sign up here.

About the teacher:

Daniel M Karlsson is a composer focused primarily on texture and timbre. He works extensively with algorithmic composition.

Patterns in SuperCollider with SuperClean w/ Daniel M Karlsson