Risen from the experience of nightmarish existence and biological terror, creating chaos from the screaming sound of nothingness — Suture demonstrates the urge to vocalize all these matters.

Since 2019 Suture has made themselves known for their energetic and raw performances, and their harsh music which combines elements from noise and power violence.

Their first album FLESH from early 2020, speaks clearly. Bloodcurdling vocals expressing hatred, fear and disgust. Bolting charging drums driving each song forward. Guitars and bass screeching with distortion and noise elements that sets the listener at unease.

Since the release of FLESH, the band has shaped further. The music has taken a course where each element is more sharpened in a symbiotic relation between each other. The mixture between viciously fast riffs and noise has evolved into a new form with additions to the band, continuing to create a landscape of chaotic disharmony. 

Malmö, Sweden.