Vanligt Folk & Tobias Toyberg Frandzen

Vanligt Folk is a music group based in Sweden and Norway. Vanligt Folk fancy regression rather than stupidity, or similar ideals analog to growth. Vanligt Folk are inspired by old and new - good and bad events. The Gothenburg group’s name can be translated to ’common people’ and they make use of primitive electronics, drums and skewed vocals - ranging from harsh social commentary to the purely nonsensical - to create their own take on body music. Since their first release in 2013, they’ve released 4 full-length albums and a handful of EP’s (iDEAL recordings, Kontra Musik, Kess Kill etc.)

Tobias Toyberg-Frandzen is a photographer and multi-diciplinary artist based in Copenhagen. Ha has been creating digital art since 2001.

At Norbergfestival 2023, Vanligt Folk & Tobias Toyberg Frandzen will present their piece “Dischorealism”.  

About Dischorealism 
“Dischorealism was initially intended to be a conceptual work about ”milk” but we quickly got tired of the idea and the result was partly something completely different. Nevertheless, partly the same in the sense of sucking the life out of somebody, exploiting and overconsuming trust in any form. Dischorealism explores the cost of dual nature and circulates around themes such as friendship, sex, violence and drug abuse.

Dischorealism is IMAGE and SOUND and a collaboration between Vanligt Folk and videoartist Tobias Toyberg.
Dischorealism will be performed live exclusively at Intonal /Malmö, Ekko/Bergen, Radar/Aarhus and at the Nordberg festival during spring/summer -23.”

Vanligt Folk & Tobias Toyberg Frandzen