Violent Magic Orchestra

VMO a.k.a. Violent Magic Orchestra is a Japanese cult band and art music project that come from the planet HELVETECH in 2099.

Its members are named after iconic Norwegian black metal bands rendered in katakana script: Darkthrone (ダークスローン), Mayhem (メイヘム), Emperor (エンペラー) and Xasthur (ザスタ ー). Dressed in corpse paint and hell-raising looks, onstage they take the form of shinigami or death gods for a performance in which techno, black metal and industrial unite to create a ritual from the future, involving an orgy of strobe lights, smoke, and visuals.

Their latest album DEATH RAVE on Gabber Eleganza's inprint NEVER SLEEP points to an untraveled journey. It is a sci-fi fusion of black metal, GABBER, cyberpunk, performance art and techno, with collaborations ranging from Attila Csihar of Sunn O)))) to Ican Harem of Gabber Modus Operandi. Get ready for the DEATH RAVE of the year in Kraftcentralen this summer!