Witch Club Satan

Witch Club Satan is a feminist black metal performance in four acts – a musical dramatic ritual with unknown consequences. 

Witch Club Satan will wake you up with the primal scream that’s been building up inside us. The end goal is change ­– you will never be the same. 

In this performance, Victoria Røising (bass), Johanna Holt Kleive (drums) and Nikoline Spjelkavik (guitar) cultivate the theatricality of black metal, and draw the traditional black metal expression in a divine feminine direction. 

Witch Club Satan has an obvious feminist agenda, and highlights a promising feminine counterpart to black metal's many male archetypes: the "witch".  

"Witches" are both the people who historically were labeled as witches during the witch trials, those who call themselves witches for various reasons, or women with political power who are labeled as witches. It is a folkloric figure, a feminist symbol and a swear word. Inspired by the activists of W.I.T.C.H. (Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell), the trio will harness the witch's potential in a performative setting, using spells and curses, healing and damning. Witch Club Satan plays up to new notes: the witch of today can inspire us to get to know nature and the nature within ourselves. 

The booking of Witch Club Satan is made in collaboration with Inland Stockholm.

Witch Club Satan

Photo: Helge Brekke