XTC in the XIV

Ecstacy by song, ecstacy by repetition - perpetual peaks, uplifted and otherworldly. In the place where eternity stands right-angled to time XTC sings the XIV century in everlasting euphoria.

The first experiments in polyphonic harmony are heard through the prism of electronic music. Samples of old compositions are looped and resung, the limits of the acoustic world are voided and notes resound forever. Linear structure fades and new shapes appear.

XTC in the XIV started as a sample based project using time stretching, pitch shifting and club music narrative conventions on early vocal polyphony: it saw its first release on Cease2Exist in 2022.

Today XTC in the XIV is a vocal ensemble recreating sampled loops through a combination of song and live electronics. The group has performed at Nonagon festival, in Hemse curated by Gotlands Konstmuseum, in Visby Cathedral and at Ställbergs Gruva as part of a residency with Örebro Län. Material has also been presented at Assemblage saas*fee pavillon in Frankfurt. The group is currently recording an album for Supertraditional records and will perform and record for A Sudden Point of Balance.

The group consists of Walter Berge (b. 1992), composer and sound technician with background in mathematics and club music; Em Silén (b. 1994) improvisational musician and artist also performing under the name rip ME with a BA in electroacoustic composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm; Siri Anna Flensburg (b. 1993), vocalist with a background in classical choral music with a BA in folk music from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm; Maja Kamne (b. 1997), vocalist within a multitude of genres with a further specialization in herding calls. She has studied folk music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Elin Oskarsson (b. 1998) vocalist from the classical tradition with a BA in Chamber Music Performance from Örebro University and active in several styles. Hanna Andersson (b. 1989) has also studied folk music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and also works in pop music and opera and masters a wide range of vocal techniques.

XTC in XIV is presented with support from the Up Node Nordic Festival network, funded by Nordic Culture Fund.