Utilizing music to explore the potential of ceremonial engagement, Xuri enters the shadow sides of imaginary spaces. Her music is a flight through soundscapes paced by throbbing beats, accompanied by the modern classical sounds of her collaborators. 

Behind the moniker, Xuri, formerly known as Yuri or Parietal Eye, is the Copenhagen-based artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen. Affiliated with the label and community surrounding Janushoved, her latest release ‘Bedlam Of Salt’ manifests her earlier ambient work, reshaped and transformed into a more crystalized sound that embraces a fragmented narrative of psychedelic visions. As an organic evolution of Susanne’s practice, her use of rave aesthetics and hazy, hallucinatory sound imagery has mutated into a hard-hitting techno project. From pulsing club ready tracks to contemplative arrangements; with "Bedlam Of Salt", Xuri displays her signature sound of playful industrial in new shared exploration. Xuri will perform twice at Norbergfestival 2022: a new piece for Mimerlaven, along with a speedy DJ set.