Zoë Mc Pherson

Berlin-based Zoë Mc Pherson is a French-Irish multimedia artist whose practice absorbs elements of performance, sound design, installation art and DJing.

Since the release of their immersive 2018 debut album "String Figures" and its acclaimed 2020 follow-up "States of Fugue", Mc Pherson has performed across the world, appearing at Berlin's CTM Festival, Berghain, MUTEK Mexico, among numerous other festivals and venues.

Their third album and AV-show Pitch Blender blends a tight set of cybernetic dancefloor experiments that flicker between the rave and the art space. The album was followed by a remix EP that boast an exciting line up consisting of Jana Rush, Scratcha DVA, MC Yallah, Kasimyn and Jessica Ekomane.

A seasoned collaborator, Mc Pherson recently worked with renowned French sound artist Jessica Ekomane. The two performed a special project at Berghain's Halle broadcast by ARTE TV.

On the other end of their creative spectrum, Carbon 96 finds Mc Pherson teaming up with US techno producer and DJ Ciarra Black, releasing their debut “Carbonated” on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion earlier this year. Their most recent project, 30K, was conceptualized in Uganda and mixes Mc Pherson’s sci-fi sonics with with singeli pioneer Jay Mitta's breakneck beats and Malian veteran DJ Diaki's unmistakable soundsystem energy.