Gruvkrisen Remix

~ Norbergfestival 2024 Remix Competition ~ Gruvkrisen by Motormännen

The deadline for submitting tracks to the competition was May 5. Big thanks to everyone who joined the competition.

On May 18 the first jury group selected the top 20 remixes from the 63 amazing submissions!

Everybody can listen to and vote for your favorite remix on SoundCloud. The people's votes will count as one jury member in the scoring of the 20 tracks.

Except for your voice, the final jury consists of: Motormännen, Mark Fell, Tiger Stripes, Æmma, Sissel Wincent, Sol Andersson, Daniel Araya, Tobias von Hofsten, Mattias Peterson, Pål Wilkens, Fredrika Gullfot, Hanna Makowsky, Lola Mijouin, Christoffer Wiker, Viktor Zeidner, Philip Pärnaments


Welcome to the Norbergfestival 2024 Remix Competition! We're thrilled to have you on board for this exhilarating musical journey. Before diving in, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines below:

Competition Overview:

• Genres: All genres are embraced. Our jury comprises individuals from diverse musical backgrounds, united by their passion for Norbergfestival.

• Fair Assessment: To ensure fairness, all remixes will be evaluated based on loudness-normalized versions. Focus on crafting a quality mix rather than engaging in a loudness war.

• Selection Process: If submissions surpass 20, a smaller jury will curate the top 20 tracks for review by the main jury.

• The People’s Voice: The top 20 tracks will be accessible on Soundcloud for public voting.

The Music:

• Original Track: "Gruvkrisen" by Motormännen

• Listen: Spotify, YouTube

• Stems: Available here

• Submission: Upload your remix here

The Prizes:

• First Prize: teenage engineering EP-133 K.O. II, live performance slot at Kraftcentralen stage, two festival tickets, digital release on Lamour Records.

• Second Prize: teenage engineering PO-33 K.O!, two festival tickets, digital release on Lamour Records.

• Third Prize: teenage engineering PO-12 rhythm, festival ticket, digital release on Lamour Records.

• Fourth to Tenth Prize: Digital release on Lamour Records.

The Rules:

• Single Entry: Only one entry per individual is permitted.

• Inclusions: Remixes must incorporate at least two vocal parts and one non-vocal sound from the original track.

• Legal Rights: Ensure legal rights for all sounds used, aside from those provided in the remix kit.

• Duration: Remixes should not exceed six minutes.

• Format: WAV 44.1 kHz, preferably 32-bit floating point or 24-bit if not feasible. Other formats will not be considered.

• File Naming: Format your file as "Your_artist_name_-Remix.wav" or "Your_real_name-_Remix.wav".

• Submission Deadline: Submit via this form by 23:59 on 2024-05-05.

• Completeness: Ensure all information in the submission form is completed.

• Communication: Respond promptly to our emails if contacted; failure to do so may result in disqualification.

• Appeals: Jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

We're excited to witness your creativity unfold. Good luck, and let the remixing commence!


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the competition. Email: