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Billy Bultheel is a Berlin and Brussels-based composer and performance-maker with a classical conservatory background and academic studies in the performing arts. His unique approach to composition incorporates performance, architecture, and narrative as musical parameters, alongside harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Blending heavy electronics with medieval and baroque polyphony, his works include notable pieces such as 'Unter' (Schinkel Pavillon, 2021) in collaboration with sculptor Tanya Viviana Abelson, 'Athens Song I-IV' (Athens Biennial 2021), 'Songs for the Contract' ( 2021), 'The Minutes of Olomouc' (PAF, Olomouc, 2020), 'When Doves Cry' (Disappearing Berlin Series, 2019), and 'Spat from My Mouth, a piano concerto' at KW (Berlin, 2019).

Alexander Iezzi is an artist and musician based in Berlin. His practice revolves around transforming materials into surreal scenes, figures, sound, and moving images. Beginning with auditory and visual environments, Iezzi improvises and experiments, later reshaping them into artworks. His diverse mediums span sculptural installations, video, radio, and live performance. lezzi has exhibited solo and alongside other artists at renowned venues such as KW, Berlin; MoMA, New York; Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam; Galerija Močvara, Zagreb; and Halle Für Kunst Steiermark, Graz. Through his work, he challenges conventional perceptions in psychology, identity, and politics, using collected materials, sounds, music. 

Their collaborative project 33 encompasses performance art, music, and installation, aiming to explore and develop meaningful connections between these disciplines. Their distinct backgrounds, with Bultheel's conservatory training and Iezzi's involvement in DIY punk and experimental music scenes thrives on a blend of influences.

In their upcoming "33PLUGGED" concerts, Bultheel and Iezzi will be joined by cellist Patrick Belaga, as well as vocalists Ivan Cheng and Steve Katona.


Photo: Joseph Kadow

Acid Hausmeister lives so deep underground he doesn't know which way is up. With some chicago flavor, sprinkled rave chords and chopped off vocals, he’ll bring you music from the future - straight from the early 90s.

Photo: P.J Ulvi


Acid Hausmeister

Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw works between Berlin and Edmonton. In his practice, Shaw addresses memory, psychogeography and the built environment. Working between objects, rooms, and images, he uses everyday building materials, discarded consumer goods, and hobbyist techniques to explore how confluences of history and myth shape temporal perception. Shaw studied at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Emily Carr University in Vancouver and participated in the Berlin Program for Artists. Recent solo exhibitions include Neither Parts, nor Spares, BPA// Raum, Berlin (2022); What Time Has Left, Wschód, Warsaw (2021); Can there be Forgiveness?, Ashley, Berlin (2018).


Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw

Aex Valijani is an artist making work involved in hegemonic culture and subcultural behaviors. Through affective memory, they explore how it is possible to create forms of life, even if it’s in the shadow of tall buildings that cast long shadows.

Their most recent body of work centers on the spatiotemporal matrix of a video store pivotal to their childhood and its basement where the shape of punk to come came into existence. At night, the store redefined itself, more by ambiance than function: distortion emanating from insurgent kids playing music downstairs. Aex’s work attempts to simulate this distortion.

Aex Valijani

Aircode is a Swedish producer based in London whose music is typified by dubwise dynamics, sonic capaciousness, and permutable elements of percussion, voice and piano. They have performed across Europe, and put out records on the labels TT (formerly Tobago Tracks), Takuroko and Alien Jams, along with a number of self-released Bandcamp drops.

The debut album from Aircode, titled "Grounded," was released on Chloe Frieda's Alien Jams label in January 2022. "Grounded" is a sonic journey filled with mesmerizing and textured blends of piano, voice, and guitar. The resulting sound has been described by AQNB as a ”chaotic and immersive experience”, that draws on influences from dub, trip hop, industrial, and more. With hazy echoes and dreamlike atmospheres, Aircode's music will be performed in Mimerlaven.



Alliyah Enyo is an interdisciplinary artist focused on embodied and meditative processes. She creates installations and performances called 'Sonorous Myths’ that combine sound frequencies and ritual. Her vocal-led compositions showcase technical skill and emotional dexterity, forming rich soundscapes. Alliyah's process involves designing, recording, and archiving sound, akin to preserving and discovering memories,  incorporating ancient stories into layered soundscapes that slowly reveal themselves over time. Using analog hardware like reel-to-reel tape machines, inspired by electronic music pioneers such as Daphne Oram, she crafts multi-layered soundscapes.

Alliyah's work has garnered support from esteemed artists such as Erika De Cassier, Lucinda Chua, and Hannah Tuulikki. Notably, she has also released an album titled 'Echo's Disintegration' through the esteemed cassette label 'Somewhere Between Tapes' based in Glasgow. This album explores the character Echo, skillfully blending natural echoic phenomena with emotional experiences to empower feminine frequencies.

In addition to her upcoming live performance and sound installation, Alliyah is set perform in Mimerlaven during Norbergfestival 2023.


Alliyah Enyo

Helsinki-based An Tul is a bond, an entity awakening through narratively structured noise-pop performances. An Tul’s sound haunts with terror and beauty, visiting subterrestrial frequencies and flashes of divine desires. 

Photo: Haliz Yosef

we’d like to take you to a secret place and show you horrors but also the sweetness of life”

An Tul

Italian-born Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer, and experimental musician based in Berlin. Over the years Belfi has built a sound world blending the complex timbres of the acoustic with the endless possibilities of the electronic. Belfi has a strong live reputation internationally and his performances are known to be energetic and hypnotic, featuring long-arching immersive soundscapes.

Over the last few years, he’s been collaborating and touring with artists such as Nils Frahm, Mouse on Mars, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Mike Watt, Circuit des Yeux, David Grubbs. He has been on stage at Philharmonie de Paris, Montreux Jazz Festival, The Greek Theater (Los Angeles), Unsound Festival (Krakow), Barbican Center (London), Issue Project Room (New York), and CTM Festival (Berlin).

Andrea Belfi

Photo: Roberto Brundo

Annie Åkerman’s practice comprises sculpture, text and installation. As multilayered compounds of objects and writing her works reflect on the materiality that underpins both global infrastructure and domestic space, while consistently examining the power dynamics they imply. By breaking down the components of production and historical use of items she analyzes how the blueprints of industrialization relate to bodies both today and in the past.

Annie Åkerman

Asta Lynge works associatively across materials and processes. She is interested in the notion of progress and its inherent affiliation with technology. Asta Lynge holds a BFA from Central Saints Martins (2012) and was part of the first iteration of the CSM Associate Studio Programme (2013-16). Recent exhibitions include Balusters, Francis Irv, New York (2023); Storyteller, world maker - Talker, with Jakob Ohrt, Stockholm School of Economics, organized by Coyote & SSE Art Initiative (2022); The Strait Trilogy, with Matilda Tjäder, 3236RLS/Le Bourgeois, London (2022).


Asta Lynge

Atte Elias Kantonen is a Helsinki-based sound designer and composer working in the fields of experimental music and performing arts. In his works Kantonen explores the potential of elastic synthesis and extremely processed sound, finding its place in abstract, phantasmagorical storytelling. Building  gloopy yet emotional auditory dioramas, he creates assortments of synthetic glugs, tings, whirls, plunks, squeaks and croaks.

His album "POP 6 SUSURRUS" – released by the Slovakian record label mappa in 2022 – will be followed by an LP to be released by the US-based SODA GONG in 2023. Other recent works include "Nom Occasions" EP on SUPERPANG (2021) and "Frankille" EP on Active Listeners Club (2020).


Atte Elias Kantonen

"aya is a musician from the North of england. she was born in a raincoat and couldnt take it off until she came of age. now shes big. plays lots of gigs.the girl done a good album with that Hyperdub records.  people like her NTS show too. she's gonna play a special ambient set at this years norberg... call it a self commission or something. tryna exploit the mammoth 7 second reverb in Mimer. feedback airing out the ghosts, big sad midsummer moment. 'i know exactly why i'm crying on the dancefloor'. YCO etc."

Photo: Suleika Müller


bleed is the collaborative practice of artists Nilz Källgren and Wilf Speller. Their work spans writing, video, sound, sculpture, painting, installation, destruction, and performance. Challenging the material boundaries of self and environment, they explore the aesthetics and affects of psychopolitical alienation and resulting coping mechanisms, in search for new methods of unity in survival.

The duo met whilst studying at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and began working collaboratively in 2019. Källgren holds an MA from the Royal College of Art, London (UK) and Speller holds MAs from the DAI and the University of Westminster, London (UK). Their work has been exhibited internationally, both independently and together as a duo.


BRAVA is addicted to loud, energetic tunes, which is undoubtedly reflected in her sets. You can expect to go on a space and time-bending field trip across multiple genres and musical styles. She’s played at festivals and clubs across the globe such as Coachella (CA), Sónar, Primavera Sound (BCN), Drugstore (BEOGRAD), MusicBox (LISBOA), Worm (ROTTERDAM), La Graviere (GENEVE), Ton of Brix (LONDON), Stereo (GLASGOW) and in all of Spain. As a singer, she launched her first EP 'Una de BRAVA!' in which she collaborated with producers like Rumbler and Don Peligro. She is currently working on her second EP alongside Metrakit, a work entirely aimed at the dance floor.



Photo: Miguel Vides

Bride is an experimental artist who works mainly with manipulated field recordings and synthesis. Based in Berlin, their most recent release on the crossover label Enmossed x Psychic Liberation constructs allegorical tales within harsh and dissonant environments. Their exploration of the allure of the uncanny takes shape through solo productions, their label Alloy Choir and their current radio show Heathen Earth on HKCR.



Photo: Matt Favero

Captain Raveman is a powerhouse in the world of Breakcore, bringing unrivaled energy and sonic innovation to the stage.

Captain Raveman is ⅓ of Norrland Gabber Crew. Taking inspiration from the vibrant Swedish underground scene, Captain Raveman skillfully blends Breakcore with influences from gabber, speedcore, and terror, creating a unique and captivating sound that will leave you craving more.

With a string of electrifying performances around the globe, Captain Raveman has earned a reputation as a true DJ to be reckoned with. Catch him at the 303 stage during Norbergfestival 2023.


Captain Raveman

CNIDARIEL exists in a distorted sonic and visual world that explores excess, alienation, vulnerability, and the body. CNIDARIEL is a Stockholm-based audiovisual performance/music project that combines lyricism in Swedish with grim soundscapes and influences from pop, folklore, club culture, and ritualistic/orchestral dramaturgy. In September 2022, their second EP Fantasy Bonding was released, following the debut album Köttets Väg in 2020. CNIDARIEL is what is played on the inside of your head in the moonlight during your best fever-ridden night. At Krossverket during Norbergfestival 2023, they will premier a new performance.

CNIDARIEL bandcamp


Photo: Lamia Karic

Cæcilie Trier, known as CTM, is a Copenhagen-based, classically trained singer/cellist/composer. Having received critical acclaim from the earliest moments of her career, Trier's album 'Suite For A Young Girl' was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2017. Followed by the critically praised album “Red dragon” (Posh Isolation, 2018), the album “Celeste” by the duo Trier/ Rosenbaum (Posh Isolation 2021), and the latest CTM album; Babygirl (Posh Isolation, 2022).

Cæcilie Trier is also known for her many collaborations with a vast field of musicians in different areas of the music scene of Copenhagen, ranging from Mayhem-connected acts such as Croatian Amor, Scandinavian Star, Valby Vokalgruppe to Soho Rezanejad, Ydegirl and Choir of young Believers, over the jazz and Gambian traditional Kora-player Dawda Jobarteh, to performing as a trio with the classical guitarists Lars Trier and Christian Sievert.

The music of CTM is like a prism reflecting tactile perceptions, movements, feverish dreams, and memories. With a soft and wild intimacy common collective musical languages are weaved effortlessly into the musical canvas, while the cracks in the form and the digital glitches change and move the listener’s perspective. The relations between the composed structures, the sensibility of pop, and the undetermined improvisations create a poetic and open elsewhere. Different intimacies are developed, trampled, and searched through.


Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Danyo is an electronic music producer and DJ who delivers dynamic and high-energy sets. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and creative Glasgow queer scene, Danyo has a passion for genres ranging from house, trance, hardstyle, techno, pop, and bass music.

Finding a love for DJing in lockdown after building an audience on Soundcloud for his pop remixes, Danyo has quickly become a stand-out Glasgweign performer. We’re thrilled to have his high-energy set at the 303 stage in July. 



DJ Travella, hailing from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, is a notable figure in the realm of new electronic music. Through a unique blend of production, DJing, and live performance, DJ Travella infuses a vibrant and crackling cybernetic energy into everything his doing. 

At just 22 years old, Hamadi Hassani (DJ Travella's birth name) has emerged as a purveyor of the future sound. His turbo-charged transmission of hyperactive rave polyphony, 'Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2', gained significant recognition in 2022, propelled by enthusiastic online support from esteemed experimental artist Arca and renowned music aficionado La Meme Young. 

DJ Travella released his album, 'Mr Mixondo', on the esteemed Nyege Nyege Tapes label in April. Additionally, he has shared captivating glimpses of ecstatic street parties in his hometown through his Instagram documentation. 

DJ Travella's tour in 2022 showcased his talent on a global stage, with notable appearances at Primavera Sounds festival, Nyege Nyege festival, Unsound festival, FiftyLab, and Transmusicales de Rennes. As his star continues to rise, it is clear that DJ Travella's time has come, and the best we can do is eagerly keep pace with his artistic journey. At Norbergfestival 303, we’ll se his unmatched energy at the 303 stage.


DJ Travella

DJGARBAGE is a Paris based artist with high intensity DJ sets. With immaculate vibes from Mild to Wild @djgarbage doesn’t shy away from any BPM, delivering vibrant sets ranging from hardcore, trance, baile and more.



FAKETHIAS' music has been described as something that forces itself upon you, unrelenting and multifaceted, dragging you in many directions all at once. With ripped audio and personal voice notes molded into animated instruments and pulsating soundscapes, FAKETHIAS' music is both restless and hyperbole.

The artist has been busy since his 2018 Norwegian Grammy-nominated- debut EP ’Attune’. Making the opening track for Mugler’s viral 2021 Fall/Winter fashion film, releasing music on YEAR0001, Cease 2 Exist, Magdalena’s Apathy, and his own imprint, MASSIVE GAIN, as well as continuously touring the US and Europe, FAKETHIAS has become a prominent figure in the global electronic music scene.



Farida Amadou (b.1989) is a self-taught bass player based in Liège, Belgium. Having performed all over Europe since 2014 her collaborations include a diverse range of musicians from different backgrounds and genres, from jazz to punk and noise. In 2017, Farida joined the punk/noise band COCAINE PISS, recording their album "Passionate and Tragic" at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago with Steve Albini. Farida's recent endeavors include a new duo project with London-based drummer Steve Noble, trio collaborations with renowned musicians such as Thurston Moore, and various solo performances and collaborations, including a tape release with Pavel Tchikov. In 2021, Farida created a sound installation commissioned by Europalia, and 2022 will see her touring and working on a new album. At Norbergfestival 2023, her unmatched skill and entrancing music will fill Mimerlaven.

Photo: Juliane Shütz

Farida Amadou

An ever-evolving and unpredictable artist, PC Music’s felicita has spent the last year confounding expectations and building a new world around their beguiling output.

With ‘Spalarkle (Alys)’, and the Spalarkle album as a whole, felicita has created a new kind of psychedelia, and what the genre would look like in 2023 - another example of felicita’s futurism, intuition and commitment to experimentation. An album that shimmers and glows with vivid textures and unexpected twists and turns throughout its 11 tracks, Spalarkle is the sound of a fiercely experimental artist referencing pivotal cultural moments and transforming them into thrilling new experiences. A deceptively accessible and infectious listen - the album both challenges and excites listeners by proposing new forms of 21st century pop, and in the process showcasing true invention from one of PC Music’s most revered artists.

Listen here


Funky Tuna is a Malmö based DJ with a soft spot for the harder side of dance music. In recent years she has teamed up with legendary Soundsystem ØKA and formed Seizure Crew to bring some Neo-rave madness to the south. Celebrating 20 years behind the decks she is thrilled to return to Norbergfestivalen where she played some roaring schranz sets @ the 303 stage back in the days. This year expect anything from Hardbass and Hardcore to Hardtek, Gabber and Beyond at the 303 stage.


Funky Tuna

Compulsively detailed synthetic compositions, ethereal processed vocals, in the form of euphoric J-pop hallucinations – welcome to the world of Golin. Passionate and oddly baroque in its digital zeitgeist, the Japanese-American artist blurs the lines between mainstream pop and envelope-pushing electronic music. Recalling the cybernetic pop experimentations of SOPHIE, AG Cook and like-minded hyperpop-innovators, Golin offers a musical perspective on the way art can mediate contemporary experiences of cultural and physical displacement. Her most recent solo EP Crush is a compelling showcase of herself as singer-songwriter, producer and performer. This playful, exciting and catchy collection of synthetic and ethereal earworms is an electrifying invitation into Golin’s idiosyncratic sonic world.

Golin released her entirely self-produced debut EP ‘Momo’ in 2017 on 12” vinyl through Belgian label Midlife Music. A collaborative effort with producer Buga called 'Fushigi' quickly followed the next year, courtesy of Shanghai's Genome 6.66 Mbp label. Following a two-year residency at Brussels' favorite cultural house Beursschouwburg and a year as part of the European SHAPE network's platform. In 2020 she released Crush, a five track EP on Twin Records. In 2022, she self-released three singles and was featured on Himera and Varg2tm's last release. This year, her latest single “One Touch” was part of the Year0001’s compilation Rift Two.



Joseysradios is an expert on urban African music, and in a relatively short time, she has risen to be one of the best-known DJs of her genre in Helsinki nightlife. Recently she has opened for many international DJs in Kaiku, made the dance floor move at AAH club nights in Tanner and Anomaly club in Ääniwalli, and played at Kallio Block Party. A specialist in amapiano and Afro house, originally from East Helsinki, Joseysradios is an energetic DJ who reaches a state of euphoria when she plays, and invites the audience to share the joy and euphoria.

Photo: Teemu Jernström


Linnéa Talp is a composer and musician, current with her instrumental solo debut Arch of Motion (Thanatosis 2022). The album consists of pieces for pipe organ with subtle elements of instruments like bass clarinet, voice and flute, featuring guests such as Mariam Wallentin, Christer Bothén and Martin Küchen. 

Her practice centers around presence and focused listening, in which she creates minimalistic yet rich sonic weaves, with the organ as its foundation. 

Arch of Motion got onto Soundohm’s ”Best of 2022”-list and was mentioned by The Guardian, Groove, and Electronica (among others). Linnéa has been performing at Lumen Project, Clandestino Festival, and Ställbergs gruva (to mention a few).


Linnéa Talp

Photo: Victoria Loeb

Honey, let SWEET & STICKY sweeten your lips, wet your skin, then move you slow and fast into the underworld. The four dancers will move in slow flow, where freshwater slips through their veins in symbiosis with Jessie Granqvists techno landscape. SWEET & STICKY is a dance, a ritual and a state that seductively licks your wounds and vulnerabilities, where performers and audiences enter a site of pleasure together, through tension and seduction. Like buds on trees in the spring, they open their fertile wishes to the singing of larks, into a dance that will move through and with spaces. 

Duration:  30 minutes.


Choreography, concept & artistic direction: Lisa Janbell

Co creating dancers: Ama Kyei, Cecilia Rehde, Marie Mazer, Rebecca Livaniou,

Music (live): Jessie Granqvist

Costume: Anita Falk

Light design: Lisa Janbell

Artistic advice: Karina Sarkissova

Lisa Janbell is a Stockholm-based dancer and choreographer. Her practice and choreographic work is specialized in ritualistic performance and ceremonial practices. With an education in Cuban folkdance, el Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba and a dance education from Brazil as well as anthropology studies at Stockholm University her research lies in the relationship between the collective body and the subconscious mind, tuning into spirits and spirituality. The work is developed through proposals, with the aim of sharing and finding an opening to the transcendental. Through a feministic and intersectional perspective, elevating emotional work and soft values Lisa guides the audience into a caring space in which performers embody non-western witchcraft practices.This artistic strategy is manifested in warm and welcoming spaces where the audience can rest and recover while experiencing detailed textures and carefully elaborated danceworks.

Lisa’s desire is to propose collective utopias as a form of critical practice has so far manifested in works such as Trans[e]ición (2015), Trans[e]ición club edition (2016) Studio Barnhus A/V show (2018) KONTAKT (2020) Lead us (2021) SEARCH (2022).

Since 2010 and 2012 respectively, Lisa has been part of the performance duo Dos Oké in collaboration with Camilla Sivam, as well as artistic director of the Swedish-Cuban dance collective SOMOS.

Lisa’s work has toured extensively through Sweden, Europe and Cuba. Lisa has also developed commissioned works, for instance as choreographer for the Studio Barnhus A/V show that played at Sonár (Barcelona) Way Out West (Gothenburg) and Cirkus (Stockholm).

Louise Plus One has been collecting vinyl and DJing since the 90s. As an avid vinyl collector she plays a range of styles, including Acid House, Early Dutch/US/Belgian Techno, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle Techno and Jungle/DnB, and a range of current upfront styles. Her humble beginnings in promoting events led to the successful ReRaveAll nights held in iconic London venues such as The Dungeons & Brixton Mass in London.

Louise Plus One has a solid history of playing events such as Rupture, Balter, Brighton Loves Jungle, An Experience presents, Dissonance, Riverdance, Calling the Hardcore, and Mungo’s Hifi. She has also played at festivals such as Glastonbury (Bloc 9, Brainwash), Frequency (Portugal), Symmetry, Landed, Surplus, Balter, and Together, to name a few.


Louise Plus One

Kenyan-born electronic music producer and DJ MAKOSSIRI makes club music that defies genre limitations. Rich in narration and soaked in a cinematic atmosphere, her music is a blend of hardcore techno, folk-punk, trance, industrial noise, and African polyrhythms mixed with otherworldly sounds, elements of Afro-Futurism, and Egyptian mythology. 

Currently based in Berlin, Germany, she has played in different venues and festivals around Europe and Africa such as CTM Festival(Germany), Nyege Nyege Festival(Uganda), No Bounds Festival(UK), SNF NOSTOS(Greece), and Mela Festival(Oslo). Her EpJuicy Juicy with Hakuna Kulala (under Nyege Nyege Tapes) was released on 1st October 2021 and she is set to release another Ep in Spring 2023 on her label Ginene Records.

Photo: Sarah Engler



megabondmon is an uncontrolled fleshy collaboration. their performances are deeply unserious, intimate, site-specific, ritualistic dances for communist witches. the space is shared, your engagement is welcome, 1312 161.


Direct from the thinnest part of the veil (Palmdale, CA), Nation was established in 2019 as the united front of vocalist Fresh Jame and producer Funball. The enigmatic duo explore the fringes of electronic pop, distilling the frayed edges of acid house, eurodance and 2010s internet rap into vivid, dizzying compositions.

Nation both superimpose and transcend genres as they unite vibrant rave aesthetics with punk spirit. 
The self-titled debut LP quickly slips into freefall as Fresh Jame’s lyrics and vocalizations plunge into acidic soft synths and scattered drums. The result is an exhilarating descent toward the restless world of Nation.


Photo: Henrik Schneider

Norrland Gabber Crew is the formless anti-project of two cousins residing in the municipalities Sollefteå and Sundsvall.

As teenagers in the mid-00's they began experimenting with different electronic subgenres in caffeine, snus and folk-beer fueled late night-endurers with noisy nicotine-colored stationary computers and cracked VSTi's.

With heavy influences from the 90's rave-scene they have created their own blend that reflects the lifestyles and culture of growing up in a small town where the only things left is the depleted pine forests, bass boosted EPA-tractors and fuel guzzling cruisers (often a volvo 240).


Norrland Gabber Crew

Olle Norberg (1917-2000) was a woodcarver and sculptor, active in Norberg for most of his life. His work, which in many cases depicts familiar environments and events from the town, can be seen in the municipality session hall, the bus square and the Norberg church. Olle Norberg participates in this year's visual arts program with the wooden relief he made in 1974 for the new Folkets Hus in Norberg, now the city library. The relief depicts the dramatic miners' strike in Norberg in 1891-92.

London-based artist, musician, designer, and cultural researcher, Damien Roach aka patten presents the debut of his ‘Mirage FM’ live AV show, re-interpreting tracks from the world's first album made with text-to-audio AI samples. Using an ultra-flexible system, with embedded precision AI audio analysis, his ‘crate digging in latent space’ continues in the live arena. Like a rogue scientist crossed with a cybernetic soundsystem DJ, making lysergic mutated audiovisual remixes of the album material live in realtime. Like ‘Mirage FM', the live AV floods the stage with tripped-out hi-tech AI videos against everything from pop to techno, R&B to opera, hip-hop and grime to ambient, all distilled into half-remembered fragmented forms.


Our on-site radio studio will feature a series of exciting programmes throughout the festival, narrowcasting around the site and the wider Norberg area. Tune in on 107.9FM or online to catch interviews with artists and volunteers, guided meditations, news updates, panel discussions, cross-species bioacoustics and the return of the 8 minute bonanza!

Saturday program

13.00 - 14.00 Atte Elias Kantonen

14.00 - 15.00 Romance Relic 

15.00 - 16.00 Stereophonic Sound Spectacular 

16.00 - 17.00 poa annua & shaako jakson 

17.00 - 17.30 nenúhîr

17.30 - 18.00 Bröstep with gitarr

18.00-19.00 Vissyvesi


Rinse Veltman, also known as Rinse of Acid Anonymous (AA) Soundsystem, emerged in the Dutch underground scene around 1999, igniting his passion for music. His live sets are highly anticipated, characterized by a unique blend of hardcore acid, deep mental sounds, and basslines that build up to exhilarating climaxes, captivating the crowd. Rinse's signature sound is distinctively Dutch, with elements of hard and techno intertwined.


RINSE (Acid Anonymous)

River Yarra is the moniker of Raudie McLeod, a musician, producer and DJ from Melbourne, Australia. His second release #Lucky #Boy in 2018 on Antinote was described as being “extremely weird and wonky” and “possessed by some sort of creative algorithm.”

Around the same time he set up a new label Super Utu, releasing POISON, the collaborative effort of DJ Plead and T.Morimoto, and has since then released music in a full frequency spirit, while delivering vibrant DJ sets.


River Yarra

Rumina is a Malmö-based DJ, producer, Retreat Radio resident, and member of the eclectic music collective FNGRLCKN. Her club Rattle and her Retreat Radio show with the same name will give you a hint of what to expect ~ the unexpected, plus some hard drums, rocks hitting other rocks, latin percussion, gabber kicks and trance stabs.



Ryan Packard is a percussionist and sound artist based in Stockholm. His solo percussion works can subtly or viscerally explode the minutia of timbral details that are formed between sympathetically resonating objects exposing their psychoacoustic properties. He will present three (maybe four) works that utilize highly amplified percussion and electronics. It will be trippy.

Ryan Packard has collaborated with artists like Nate Wooley, Will Guthrie, Nelly Agassi, Ben LaMar Gay, Annea Lockwood, Peter Ablinger, Julio Estrada, John McCowen, Magnus Granberg and Seth Parker Woods, amongst many others. Some of his current projects are Kommun, Missnöje, ZRL and the Chicago minimal free jazz quartet, RedGreenBlue. He has released on American Dreams Records, Astral Spirits, Dinzu Artefacts, Thanatosis, Insub, Fönstret Edition Festival Records, Shinkoyo, Amalgam and No Index.

Ryan Packard

sideproject is an electronic music trio from Reykjavik, Iceland.   Having been active in the local Reykjavik scene, organizing concerts and parties as well as releasing albums, their 2021 release “radio vatican ep” won the electronic album of the year at the Icelandic music awards. Most recently, they released the EP ”kingfisher” in 2022, as well as  contributed beat programming to Björk’s “Fossora”, and released an official remix of the single “Atopos”. Their music is characterized by heavy, fast-paced, intricate beats and textured, flowing synths. Stealing from everyone and everywhere, sideproject's music becomes a cryptic mix of electronic influences.



Sindy is an audiovisual project by Swedish composer, producer, and vocalist Tom Serner (b. 1994). Under the Sindy moniker, he explores and continuously reinterprets his inner world through music, performance, and various visual mediums. His sonic world is a melting pot of reference points combining elements of witch house, new rave, and shoegaze with jarring metal riffs and blaring electronic transitions. With an autodidactic attitude, Sindy connects the dots between organic and electronic genres with hypnotizing notes, glitched symphonies, and harmonic shrieks.


Photo: Marc Souvenir

Slim Soledad is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Guarulhos - São Paulo/BR, currently based in Berlin. Moving fluidly between

rhythms like Baile Funk, Vogue, and contemporary styles, her multi-faceted performances and sets are centered in the playful and poetic.

Slim Soledad is Co-founder of the queer collective Chernobyl, that caters to a BPOC and LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil.


Photo: Fernanda Liberti

Slim Soledad

Soho Rezanejad (b. 1989, New York City) is an artist and composer. Since 2015, she has recorded over ten albums reaching wide acclaim for her versatile vocal performance and prolific practices in electronic music. Her work encompasses performative alter-egos and cross-disciplinary collaborations that are released through her record label Silicone Records. With each release, she fearlessly explores different tongues, scales, and registers in her vocals, showcasing a steadfast dedication to change. This commitment to transformation is also evident in the diverse themes and instrumental palettes she has ventured into in her recent musical works.

Her latest album, Verses, was released in September 2022 and explores themes of dreams, loss, getting sidetracked, and discovering new ideas about yourself in your 30s. At Norbergfestival 2023, Soho Rezanejad will perform in Mimerlaven.


Soho Rezanejad

Solen Skinner (FI) is an experimental band consisting of Tuukka Haapakorpi, Tari Doris and Teo Ala-Ruona. While experimenting with music formation they are challenging the preconditions of performed live music, while taking influences from earthly sediments, celestial bodies, and cosmic scales.

At Norbergfestival 2023, they will perform a sound poetry mass in which they reach beyond the event horizons, aiming to turn the roof into earth and cause bodies to swallow their skin.

Solen Skinner

“Sustainable Clubbing and Awareness: “the problems are ancient, we will not solve it now and hiding the problem does not solve the problem” - Introduction to sustainability in club/NBF/festival context and a panel discussion hosted by the NBF awareness team w/ Marlon Kajus Lüning @k_a_j_u_sml. Come as you are and remember to attend to your urgencies <3~~**”

Sustainable Clubbing and Awareness

Techno yoga is an immersive experience exploring the energy of Techno genre through a vinyasa flow. As you move your body, the vibrations of the music intensify the experience & allow you to connect with yourself in a unique way.

The class is for all level yogis & is held in English. The music will cover various sub-genres including tribal, dark, melodic & industrial techno.Unwind Yoga Workshops - these classes will be offered to stretch out the body. Style will be yin/yang, offering a bit of soft movement & gentle stretches.Guided by @daisyyogawithnatasha - your teacher to guide you during the festival. Natasha is a certified 200hr yoga teacher & teaches Hatha yoga, vinyasa, yin & meditation. She is currently teaching events in Cph & soon to be expanding to Amsterdam area. Her style is all about creating unique & collaborative spaces for people, whether that be with music, expression or connecting deeply with the body. Her work is centered around being playful with your yoga practice as a way to tap into our inner child’s & bring that softness to our everyday lives.

Techno Yoga

Toukka is a music group based in Helsinki, Finland. Blending classical elements with electronic production they create a sound that is  both timeless and contemporary, and that with a sense of playful magic will transport you to a mystical place; each track weaving a story that unfolds like a fairytale during their performances.


Photo: Lukas Pollari

Club U-Haul is a club created by three friends Wekesa, Trabelsi, and Suinner. The club's purpose is to serve its community, to make you feel free and enjoy and dance in a revolutionary way. The club started from two needs: to hear amapiano and to be a lesbian in a club.

DJ Wekesa is a well-known DJ and dancer from Helsinki, who plays dancehall, hip hop, rnb, afrobeat and amapiano. She has been playing in festivals like Flow Festival and Ruisrock and has given her input to the Helsinki club scene by producing events like Mellow Yellow Club and Club U-Haul.

The Soft Collective is dedicated to making better cultural spaces and evoking and processing emotions with music as their mediator. Pehmee whispers, sings and dives where music feels and creates atmospheres with soundscapes together with the DJ. The Soft Collective has been doing MCing since 2021 and it has become an important part for us to express and create spaces.

At Club U-Haul our priority, on top of creating GREAT parties with bomb music, is to make sure we emphasize safety and safer club experiences, especially for marginalized people. Club U-Haul is a request to commit to good vibes, safer party spaces, and to revolutionary dancefloors. We encourage people to mind the space they take if they attend our party outside of marginalized identities.


Valentina Magaletti is a drummer, composer, and percussionist who strategically enriches a folkloristic and eclectic palette through endless listening and experimentation with new materials and sounds. She has performed and co-written with many artists including Nicolas Jaar, Jandek, Helm, Raime, Graham Lewis (Wire, Dome), Tightpaul Sandra (Coil, Spiritualized, Julian Cope), Thurston Moore, Bat for Lashes, and many more. In her current project, Vanishing Twin (Fire Records) she has a more conventional jazz approach that finds its escape in the drone/field recordings of the percussive approach in her other main experimental/avant-garde duo Tomaga. Valentina was born in Bari, Italy, and is based in London. Valentina Magaletti will perform in Mimerlaven at Norbergfestival 2023.


Photo: Fanny Chiarello

Valentina Magaletti

Vanligt Folk is a music group based in Sweden and Norway. Vanligt Folk fancy regression rather than stupidity, or similar ideals analog to growth. Vanligt Folk are inspired by old and new - good and bad events. The Gothenburg group’s name can be translated to ’common people’ and they make use of primitive electronics, drums and skewed vocals - ranging from harsh social commentary to the purely nonsensical - to create their own take on body music. Since their first release in 2013, they’ve released 4 full-length albums and a handful of EP’s (iDEAL recordings, Kontra Musik, Kess Kill etc.)

Tobias Toyberg-Frandzen is a photographer and multi-diciplinary artist based in Copenhagen. Ha has been creating digital art since 2001.

At Norbergfestival 2023, Vanligt Folk & Tobias Toyberg Frandzen will present their piece “Dischorealism”.  

About Dischorealism 
“Dischorealism was initially intended to be a conceptual work about ”milk” but we quickly got tired of the idea and the result was partly something completely different. Nevertheless, partly the same in the sense of sucking the life out of somebody, exploiting and overconsuming trust in any form. Dischorealism explores the cost of dual nature and circulates around themes such as friendship, sex, violence and drug abuse.

Dischorealism is IMAGE and SOUND and a collaboration between Vanligt Folk and videoartist Tobias Toyberg.
Dischorealism will be performed live exclusively at Intonal /Malmö, Ekko/Bergen, Radar/Aarhus and at the Nordberg festival during spring/summer -23.”

Vanligt Folk & Tobias Toyberg Frandzen

Witch Club Satan is a feminist black metal performance in four acts – a musical dramatic ritual with unknown consequences. 

Witch Club Satan will wake you up with the primal scream that’s been building up inside us. The end goal is change ­– you will never be the same. 

In this performance, Victoria Røising (bass), Johanna Holt Kleive (drums) and Nikoline Spjelkavik (guitar) cultivate the theatricality of black metal, and draw the traditional black metal expression in a divine feminine direction. 

Witch Club Satan has an obvious feminist agenda, and highlights a promising feminine counterpart to black metal's many male archetypes: the "witch".  

"Witches" are both the people who historically were labeled as witches during the witch trials, those who call themselves witches for various reasons, or women with political power who are labeled as witches. It is a folkloric figure, a feminist symbol and a swear word. Inspired by the activists of W.I.T.C.H. (Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell), the trio will harness the witch's potential in a performative setting, using spells and curses, healing and damning. Witch Club Satan plays up to new notes: the witch of today can inspire us to get to know nature and the nature within ourselves. 

The booking of Witch Club Satan is made in collaboration with Inland Stockholm.

Witch Club Satan

Photo: Helge Brekke